Lighthin srl is based in Genoa and it is the exclusive importer and distributor in Europe (EU area)of lighting device made by some of the most important foreign companies in the sector. For the first time in the history of lighting
some Chinese companies decided – through Lighthin’s support – to enter directly in the European market using their own brand.

Through Lighthin srl there is a direct commercial relationship with the producers with the full traceability of the supply chain and the best prices in the market with the same performance and the same quality both of the semi-finished and of the finished products. All the products distributed by Lighthin srl are certified and guaranteed directly by the producer that is responsible for the quality control and safety procedures.

Thanks to its technical office and to the buyer controllers based in China and in the other countries where the reference producers operate, Lighthin srl can coordinate the design and the production both of non-standard and special products (also in OEM) for other European lighting companies directly at the production sites of the represented companies. The limited productions are managed directly in Italy in cooperation with Dharma Tecnologie s.r.l.

Lighthin srl has several logistic bases in Europe managed by a. hartrodt s.u.r.l.: the two most important ones are in Genoa and in Milan.
Several logistic stocks in the area help guarantee a 10 working day delivery allowing to deal also with small orders. Lighthin srl catalogue is regularly updated to include all the lighting products – available in the warehouse in Italy – already certified by the represented companies for the European market. Other products not included in the catalogue can be certified on demand.